Construction Contract Administration Services

  • When requested, assist Owner with the preparation of the Construction Contract between Client and Contractor.
  • Schedule and conduct a pre-construction conference at project site including contractor personnel, client representatives, and material manufacturers who will provide warranties.
  • Review shop drawings and submittals prepared by contractor.
  • Schedule and conduct site progress meetings during which Contractor, Client, and Consultant discuss construction progress, procedures, problems, and scheduling. When appropriate to meeting topics, manufacturers’ representatives and subcontractors are required to attend these meetings.
  • Review progress of work and compare to Contractor’s application for progress and final payment. Edit payment requests as appropriate to represent completed work and forward to Client.
  • Perform periodic observation of the Contractor’s work to determine whether work is being performed in accordance with the general requirements of the Contract Documents.
  • Provide recommendations to Owner and contractor to address concealed conditions that are uncovered during construction.
  • Upon Contractor’s determination and notification to the Client and Consultant of substantial completion, conduct an observation of completed work in conjunction with the client and representatives of manufacturers required to provide warranties and prepare a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items requiring correction or completion in order to finalize the work.
  • Determine final completion and provide written notice to Client. Secure required warranties, certifications, affidavits, releases, bonds, and waivers from Contractor and forward to client along with Contractor’s final request for payment.