Case Study #3 – Retirement Community Restoration in Tyler, Texas

Stucco/Vinyl Siding Restoration/Roof Replacement

The retirement community had two buildings, both of wood construction, one with exterior stucco, and one with vinyl siding. Harper-Brawner was initially retained to review roofs and make recommendations for repair or replacement. Both roofs were deteriorated and required replacement. At the stucco building, there were conditions of ponding water on the roof greater than two inches deep. With further investigation, we found areas of severe wood roof deck deterioration due to leakage.

Problems with the roof were addressed by designing and specifying a roof system that included repair of the existing roof membrane, installing a tapered lightweight insulating concrete deck system over the existing roof, and installing a two-ply modified bitumen roofing system. Existing mechanical system supports and roof penetrations were replaced with new frames to support new mechanical equipment, pipe and conduit support systems were installed, and hooded sheet metal structures were installed where multiple wires were required to extend through the roof. Rooftop electrical panel boxes were also replaced.

While reviewing the roofs, we observed conditions of deterioration in the exterior walls of both buildings that was resulting in rotten wood framing and areas of questionable support for floor joists in the three-story construction. The ultimate design and specifications prepared by Harper-Brawner included removal of existing stucco and vinyl siding, repair of the underlying sheathing at the vinyl siding building, replacement of sheathing at the stucco building, framing repair, installation of a moisture barrier over the sheathing, and installation of new vinyl siding at both buildings. New window replacements were provided at the stucco building. The facility was allowed to remain operational throughout the construction process.