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Decades of Experience as Expert Witnesses


Harper-Brawner, LLC

Founded in 2003, Harper-Brawner, LLC provides roofing & waterproofing consulting services to address water intrusion, repair damaged facilities and design long term solutions to resist moisture intrusion, preserving the integrity of construction materials. We serve building owners, developers, construction firms and diverse clientele throughout the country.

Members of the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants.

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The Harper Brawner Difference


Our experience as a roofing & waterproofing consulting firm coupled with our intrinsic focus on waterproofing, has made us an authority wherever unwanted moisture issues come into play

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Moisture Prevention and Waterproofing

Intrusive water and unwanted moisture are the bane of any structure. You need only look at the Grand Canyon to see the erosive results water is capable of. Water damage to infrastructure needs to be stopped and re-mediated before it has a chance to effect real damage. Harper-Brawner, LLC specializes in moisture prevention and waterproofing, delivering a complete scope of services to serve the needs of developers, building owners, construction companies and other clientele. Harper Brawner LLC can even develop and present training seminars to help you and your team understand the nature and threat of unwanted moisture. Our roofing & waterproofing consulting firm handles water issues at any stage of development.

Our Services Include

Experience and Expertise

Our experience as a roofing & waterproofing consulting firm coupled with our intrinsic focus on waterproofing, has made us an authority wherever unwanted moisture issues come into play. Let us help you pinpoint the right waterproofing solution. From our work identifying compromised building materials, to our forensic approach in tracing the source of unwanted moisture, to our knowledge of site prep and planning.

We Solve Moisture Issues

For expert insight into moisture mitigation or waterproofing for your established building or new development, contact our team of specialists today for a consultation. We’re ready to help. Proudly offering roofing & waterproofing consulting services throughout Texas and beyond.

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Roofing & Waterproofing Consulting Firm

Harper Brawner is an architectural consulting firm that provides a wide range of services relating to roofing, waterproofing, building restoration, commercial window repair and replacement, and exterior building envelope analysis/consulting. We also serve as expert witnesses to help preserve the structural integrity of both new and existing facilities and extend the life of construction materials.

Commercial Roofing and Waterproofing

As a professional roofing and waterproofing consultant, we provide a wide range of evaluation and reporting services. Our experts will conduct a comprehensive physical survey of the exterior of your facility which includes examining, identifying, and documenting the details of the building’s roofing system, waterproofing systems, vertical wall materials, windows, and other exterior features. We will also go through details regarding the roof’s construction and installation, as well as look for any existing problems. Evaluation and reporting services will cover the examination of below-grade waterproofing systems and an analysis of their current performance. We also provide moisture testing for roofing using state-of-the-art infrared imaging equipment.

Once we have finished examining the facility, we’ll complete an evaluation report detailing the condition of the building and identifying any defects, allowing us to put together and present a detailed, step-by-step plan recommending the best way to address and correct the issues with your building.

Historic Building Revitalization/Restoration

Harper Brawner works on historic building revitalization and restoration. These services are designed to help preserve the architectural heritage and cultural value of the architecture. Once a client chooses to work with us, we will assess the location to establish areas of structural distress and determine the amount of remedial work needed. We will also take time to review the existing structural system design and provide an expert analysis of the work done to the existing roofing, waterproofing, and flooring systems. At the end of the evaluation, we will present the client with a comprehensive report detailing our findings.

Our advisory services will cover recommendations for fixes to any structural, mechanical, and electrical issues to ensure the structure remains in good condition. The process will not only involve installing new systems and construction materials but also recycling existing ones in an effort to make the building more practical and environmentally friendly.

Commercial Window Repair and Replacement

Before we recommend repairing or replacing your windows, we will carry out an evaluation process that involves site review and destructive investigation. We will also work with a waterproofing contractor, site representatives, and the client during the entire process. In addition, we will ensure proper on-site coordination and observation during the inspection of window systems, vertical wall materials, waterproofing systems, and other exterior features.

To make sure that all windows are in good condition, we may have portions of the existing wall system at the exterior of the windows removed. This will be followed by an analysis of the conditions to determine if there is a need for window repair or replacement. The interior wall materials around your windows may also be removed so that areas of moisture penetration can be identified. The removal helps our experts determine whether we will need to repair or entirely replace your building’s assets. Lastly, we will document the source of existing problems and the current condition of your windows.

Exterior Building Envelope Analysis

We understand that every homeowner wants to make their home comfortable, functional, and energy-efficient. For those who live and work in areas that experience extreme temperatures, heating and cooling costs are likely to be a concern. As such, we advise on a reliable exterior building envelope to promote the health and comfort of residents. But what exactly is a building envelope?

Simply put, a building envelope refers to the specific parts of a structure that separate the exterior and interior environments. For the building to be comfortable without incurring higher energy costs, it will be necessary to keep air from leaking out of the home while also preventing outside air from getting in. One of the best and most effective ways of doing this is by adding insulation to the structure. We are experts in analyzing this and will identify the areas where seals and insulation need to be installed. Suitable areas may include windows, doors, crawl spaces, and the attic. In the end, we’ll help you ensure that your building is both comfortable and energy-efficient.

Disaster Response and Rehabilitation

We provide disaster response and rehabilitation services to ensure timely remediation and help people rebuild their lives. We have a 24-hour response time, meaning we’re available around the clock.

Once we arrive at the facility site, our experts will carry out a physical survey of the damage, assess any potential negative impact, and take emergency steps to prevent moisture intrusion. We will also inspect the exterior walls’ waterproofing and roofing to identify the need for repairs and determine long-term restoration solutions. Other areas of focus will include exterior windows, doors, and curtain walls. Our disaster response and rehabilitation services also cover the prevention of possible additional damage and promoting the quick resumption of business operations.

Before remediation work can begin, we will assess the extent of physical and water damage as well as look for initially concealed conditions. We will then work with other parties on long-term remedial repairs and the replacement of doors, windows, walls, and roofs. We also work with your insurance company to create a budget, prepare bid documents, and obtain written and photographic documentation for a favorable insurance settlement.

Expert Witness

We can also serve as a construction expert witness for legal cases involving architecture. Over the years that we have been in operation, we have been hired by insurance companies, engineering firms, and contractors to help strengthen their case in issues that are related to structural concerns and moisture intrusion.

We work with experienced staff who can easily identify construction flaws and identify areas with inappropriately designed and installed systems. The legal cases we have been a part of have covered a wide array of building types, from apartments and single-family houses to office buildings and retail stores. Our process involves visiting the site, developing an inspection protocol, comparing file information to our observations, performing research when necessary, preparing reports to document our findings, providing legal dispositions, and testifying in court. Please note that this service is only available for clients in the state of Texas.

With the broad range of services that we offer, Harper Brawner, LLC is the top choice commercial roofing and waterproofing company!