Evaluation and Report Services for Commercial & Industrial Flooring

Site investigation will be conducted by specialists in the fields of roofing, waterproofing, flooring and building restoration who have experience with due diligence. Conclusions will be based upon on-site observations, review of available building design documents, and interviews with management and maintenance personnel and include the following areas:

  • Work with Client to identify the subject matter, anticipated size of audience, educational needs of the audience, length of program, location of seminar, and type of handout information required.
  • Develop PowerPoint presentations to present technical information with supportive photographs to exhibit examples of the information being presented.
  • Prepare handout material to assist attendees in following information being presented and to provide notes to assist in personal use of information gained.
  • Coordinate with the Client to assure all aspects of the seminar are covered including a room large enough for the audience, drinks and snacks to provide during breaks, meals when required, printing and distribution of handout information, materials to use for product demonstrations, projectors, screens, sound amplification equipment, and other items required for a successful program.
  • Develop an agenda to assist the client with planning and achieving maximum attendance.
  • Present programs specifically developed for the individual client in a professional manner and provide sufficient time and opportunity for attendees to ask questions and receive answers.
  • When requested by the Client, provide Certificates of Completion to all attendees.