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Disaster Response & Rehabilitation Services
  • Provide 24-hour response time to arrive at the facility site and begin coordinating disaster remediation.
  • Coordination of an emergency response team selected based on initial information received, type of damages sustained, and requirements to get the facility back in business and kept in business. Upon receiving authorization, we contact the necessary firms and immediately get them to the site.
  • Perform physical survey of damage, assess potential negative impact, and coordinate emergency procedures to stop moisture intrusion.
  • Review roofing and exterior wall waterproofing for immediately required repairs and to assess requirements for long-term restoration solutions.
  • Review exterior window, door, and curtain wall systems for immediately required repairs and to assess requirements for long-term restoration.
  • Assist in the coordination of immediate response measures being performed by contractors to allow the facility to be dried-in, to limit the possibility of additional damage, and to get the facility back to normal business operations as quickly as possible.
  • Use relationships that we have developed with manufacturers and material suppliers to assist in obtaining emergency construction materials after normal business hours.
  • Perform destructive investigation to discover and document the extent of physical and water damage and to reveal concealed conditions within roofing and wall systems.
  • Assist in documenting damaged conditions for coordination with representatives of insurance companies.
  • Assist in coordination of construction experts in the fields of water removal, drying, cleaning, sanitation, deodorization, and interior clean up.
  • Design long-term remedial repair and replacement procedures for roofs, walls, and related features.
  • Work with insurance companies in the budgeting of required repair and replacement procedures.
  • Prepare bid documents in an expeditious manner to allow rapid bidding and contract award for required repair and replacement procedures in an effort to allow construction to begin within four or five days.
  • Provide Construction Contract Administration services including intermediate observation of construction.
  • Provide written and photographic documentation to assure a favorable insurance settlement.



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